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The Oldies but Goodies - Retired Moms & Dads


Olde English Bulldogges
Leelynn's Blue"BELLE"
Spayed and living here at Leelynn's

This is our girl Belle.  You will see puppy pictures of her throughout our website. Born and raised here at Leelynn's she is my daughter's favorite. Belle sleeps in bed with her and when she's away at college Belle keeps her bed warm.  She greets people at the door and is sure to check strangers out to make sure they are safe.  She is Miss Photogenic as she gets her picture taken whenever her human is around.  We are very proud of our blue brindle girl Belle.

Olde English Bulldogges
JBO's Abominable "YETI"
Found her loving home in West Virginia

We love this little girl's wiggly ways.  Everytime we pet her she looks back at us and forms a C while she wiggles and wiggles.  She's definitely a people pleaser. Yeti has such cute brown polka dots on her ears and we just love her white coat.  It's comical to watch her turn her empty food bowl upside down and push it along the deck back and forth.  She's very creative!!  

Midwest's Low Ryder aka
Found her loving home in LaSalle-Peru

As her name states this girl is such a "Sweetie".  She's such a joy to have around and she's so personable.  I love her eye contact and the way she wants you to play with her.  It's like she gives you those puppy dog eyes to entice you to do what she wants.  She is a full blooded sister to Thunder.  As with Thunder she loves to run and play and she has a goofy side to her where she runs like crazy, stops and then jumps around in circles.  She especially likes to run in the fresh snow - even if it's up to her knees.

Rock Solid's
"SOLDIER" of Midwest's
Found his loving home in Brookfield, IL

Meet Soldier the newest member of Leelynn's Bulldogges.  He loves to get out and run on our two acres.  He's very athletic.  As you can see his nostrils are wide open so he has no trouble breathing and is able to withstand the heat.  He's nice to everyone he meets as well as his other dog friends.  We are so lucky to have such a fun-loving, healthy, athletic and gorgeous looking boy.  He passes his great disposition and looks off to his "fur kids".  

Full of Bull's Chocolate 
Found her loving home in the Quad Cities

Meet Truffles a generational Olde born February 4th, 2013 out of Parker's Chocolate Kahlua Creme and BR. Rock Solid's Queen Isabella.  She is very stocky and has a nice sized head.  Truffles is very gentle and mild-mannered.  She's a quiet girl but loves to let us know when the UPS truck is here delivering her food.  We are so lucky to have this beautiful girl  and the gorgeous puppies she has produced.  

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