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Our Handsome Sires


We currently have 2 boys in our program.  Our goofy and fun loving blue tri pied Thunder and the Powerful Mr. Popeye. 


Meet our boy Thunder - boy does he live up to his name.  He doesn't have a care in the world.  He's big and clumsy and a bit stubborn.  He gets along with all of the dogs because he just doesn't care what the others are doing. He likes to play fetch with sticks and balls running after them in a galloping manner.  He's a big boy and doesn't know his strength.  When he bumps into you he gives you a push.  You definitely know he's there.  He's our fun loving goofy acting boy.  

Mighty Michigan's
Powerful "Popeye"

Our newest addition to our Bulldogge family was kindly provided to us from Mighty Michigan Bulldogges.  He is the gentlest, sweetest, loving boy I've encountered since Thunder.  Popeye doesn't bark and is very docile.  He is a stunning lilac tri that has excellent structure.  You can't go wrong with a puppy from Popeye.  

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