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Our Mission

Here at Leelynn's Olde English Bulldogges our mission is to have exceptional puppies. In order to make that happen we start with healthy, happy adults. We are very selective when choosing our breeding dogs in order to be able to feel confident that our puppies will be as perfect as we can make them.


We are constantly exploring new ways to make our program unique so that you as a prospective adoptive family will feel very safe in knowing that you are in the hands of a breeder who cares very deeply about their dogs, puppies and fabulous Olde English Bulldogge family. That is the feeling we wish to develop. We want each and every one of you to feel like a member of a large extended family.


We will continue to learn more about all things Olde English Bulldogge and will pass as much knowledge as possible on to you. At this time we are developing some new ways to be supportive to our adoptive families so please look forward with us to some great additions to our already unique breeding program.

These are a few ideas we are exploring

For our dogs and puppies
  • After hours of research we are now feeding what we feel is the best dog/puppy food on the market. We plan to use products made by Life's Abundance  to keep our dogs healthy and we highly recommend them for all of our pet parents.
  • We are going to try out a new puppy pen set up where the newspapers are in a slightly elevated area.  This should minimize the dogs eating the papers and making poopy messes when they run around playing.
  • Since last winter was so cold and the dogs had limited outside playing time they gained too much weight.  This year we will be measuring their food to avoid extra weight gain.  


For our families
  • We have currently started a facebook page entitled Produced by Leelynn's Bulldogges where all of our Bulldogge family can meet and post about their fur families.
  • We are considering creating a private network for our adoptive families to encourage education and social opportunities.
  • We want you to have more memories chronicled from birth to when your puppy comes home.  We are looking at ways of providing that for you.
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